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Relax with your SAFE RX Locking Pill Bottles

“Worried that the wrong person is accessing your meds? It’s a common concern, but with Safe Rx tamper-evident locking pill bottles, you’ll know if someone tried to get in.”

We want to be part of the solution

  • As the father of two young children, this growing crisis isn’t just alarming; it’s downright terrifying. Because the substance most widely abused by 12-13 year-olds isn’t tobacco or alcohol or marijuana. It’s prescription medication. And for teens, the #1 source of prescription medications is the family medicine cabinet.

  • For years, my wife – also a healthcare professional – listened patiently to my exasperated protests. Finally, she’d heard enough. “Why don’t you stop complaining and do something about it,” she asked. Of course, there were scores of good reasons why I couldn’t. But none were more compelling than why I should. Safe Rx is certainly not a “magic bullet” solution. It is, however, a smart and simple way to place an effective barrier in front of the gateway to addiction.

See how easy SAFE RX


  • Custom or Preset Code

    Choose an encoder kit to customize your own 4-digit locking code or a cap with a preset, random 4-digit code.

  • Convenient to travel

    To keep your medications safe while traveling, store them in carry-on luggage, not in a checked bag. Use the Safe Rx locking pill bottle to add an extra level of protection.

  • Child-Resistant

    Product tests showed Safe Rx Pill Bottles couldn’t be opened without the code or a tool. These are certified 100% effective at keeping out children and teens.

  • Senior Friendly

    Safe Rx Bottles don’t require hand strength to open making them easy to use and senior citizen friendly. Please note, it is not recommended that SafeRx Bottles be used to store emergency medicines.



“I think this is an amazing idea! Too many kids are stealing their parents’ prescriptions.”

“I usually just throw my pill bottle of pain pills in my purse, so now I have some security that they would be harder to get into.”

“I am very pleased with the locking vial – it prevents my kids from accessing medication.”

“This is a brilliant idea and I’m thankful I got my LPB. I have children in my home and having a locking Locking Pill Bottle puts me at ease knowing they won’t get my meds by mistake.”

“I have always been worried about my mom’s medications being taken. Now I feel a bit better with these locking vials.

“I tried to access the code as requested by my mom and was unable to do so after about 20 minutes, then gave up. Good bottle.”



    Safe Rx was created by people who understand that the right medicine in the wrong hands can ruin lives.