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Medication Safety for Kids

As parents, you want to keep your children safe from all harm. In this day and age, there are so many ways kids can harm themselves — many times without their parents’ knowledge.


SAFE RX Locking Pill Bottles were created to keep kids safe from harmful prescription drugs. We’ve designed a medicine safe lock where you can now lock your medical prescription with a preset code, or a code set by you. This ensures no one but you will have access to these powerful drugs. In this blog post, we’ll go over some medical prescription drug safety tips to help keep your kids safe. Visit us online today!


Kids are curious, especially toddlers and preschoolers since every new object they encounter must be explored, from your purse and cell phone to toilet paper and small bottles with round objects that make noise when you shake them. As kids grow, they begin to understand what pills are. At this age, it’s important to still ensure no one has access except you to prevent accidental or intentional ingestion.


Store medications out of reach and out of sight. The saying is true out of sight, out of mind. If toddlers and older kids don’t see your prescription drug containers, they won’t think to play with it. Furthermore, if they can see your prescription drug container but can’t reach it, soon they will get bored and move on to the object to explore. Always use childproof containers, although older children can open these pretty easily. You can secure your medicine by locking it up in a locked cabinet or safe. Or, alternatively, you can try Safe Rx’s locking pill container, which ensures only you can open the medicine even if your children do get a hold of the container.

  • Don’t leave your medicines lying around. This is a common mistake many parents make: they take a pill and then leave the container out, most likely in a rush to the next to-do item. Don’t leave medicines out on the kitchen counters or by your child’s bedside in the case it’s your child’s prescription drugs. You need to maintain control over the administration of medical prescriptions always. Always put them away, either in a medicine safe, using Safe Rx’s Locking Pill Bottles, in a locked cabinet, or someplace else kids cannot get them.

Educate your child about medicine. It’s important for parents to always be honest with their kids about the danger of taking medical prescriptions, especially medical prescriptions that are for adults. Always call it medicine (not candy), explain its uses (when you are sick or to treat certain conditions), and explain only adults are allowed to administer medicine to children. You should also explain the potential harm medical prescriptions can do to children. You don’t want to scare kids, but you do want to put a strong enough emphasis on the fact that bad things can happen by taking medical prescriptions.

  • Always dispose of unused medicine properly. Many people don’t finish their prescriptions and keep them, just in case they need the drug later on. This is dangerous for many reasons. One, you shouldn’t take old prescription drugs; they do expire. Two, you should only take medical prescription drugs prescribed for a certain condition. Guessing your own treatment is not a good thing. Three, old drugs lying around the house are only inviting trouble in the form of pint-sized little kids, looking for something to do. When you finish with a medical prescription drug and don’t need the rest, dispose of them properly to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. You can throw most of these in the trash and Safe Rx recommends that you mix the drugs with something that is not edible, such as coffee grounds or cat litter first. Also, many communities have medicine take-back programs where you can drop off unused medications for safe disposal

Store all medicine-type substances away. Some parents make the mistake of leaving other types of medicines unlocked, which can spell trouble for your little ones. Eye-drops, medical prescription skin creams, and even adult vitamins should also be kept under lock and key.




Safe Rx was FOUNDED with the idea to keep kids safe from harmful drugs, especially opiates. Many teens begin abusing prescription drugs in middle school, and many of these teens get these pills from their family’s medicine cabinets. Opiate dependence is serious and can happen quickly. 


Safe Rx’s Locking Pill Bottles were developed and tested and now are valuable tools for the physician, pharmacist, and parents in the fight against pilfering pills and accidental access and ingestion. Safe Rx understands that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and our simple Locking Pill Bottle will at least be one more barrier against illegal opiate use.


Our LOCKING PILL BOTTLES come in two sizes, small and large. The large sized Locking Pill Bottle is designed to hold a standard sized pill bottle. The small sized Locking Pill Bottle can hold approximately 140 pills. If you order either size separately, they come with a pre-set code for your convenience. Alternatively, you can order a Locking Pill Bottle kit, which enables you to choose your own four-digit code. You should safeguard your code, either by keeping it safe or by registering it on our website.


These Locking Pill Bottles work much like a regular combination lock you’d purchase for your bike or for a locker. It’s easy to use for seniors and makes a great gift for those whom you know who use pills frequently. Our Locking Pill Bottles are convenient and portable, so you won’t have to worry about your pills being accessible in your purse or other storage area.


Since it’s back to school time, these Locking Pill Bottles are perfect for college students as well who live on the go lifestyles and since college campuses are ripe areas where pills are often stolen. 


Our Locking Pill Bottles should be standard for parents who want to keep their kids safe, especially if you have a condition that you regularly take pills for. Older kids can be devious and when they have their friends over, it’s pretty easy for someone to sneak into your bathroom and steal pills. When you invest in Safe Rx’s Locking Pill Bottles, you’ll have peace of mind for when you are away from home and while you’re at home. ORDER YOURS ONLINE TODAY!