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Safe Drug Storage Tips

Storing drugs out of others’ reach can be a real challenge, especially when you have highly intelligent and crafty teenagers. However, STATISTICS show that two-thirds of teens and young adults who admit to abusing prescription medications obtain them from friends, family, and acquaintances. While some of these are given freely, the majority of these are most likely stolen at some point. It is up to adults and all those who take powerful medical prescription drugs to secure their medicine.


SAFE RX has invented a way to help you with your medication storage. Safe Rx offers two Locking Pill Bottles in both small and large sizes. These Locking Pill Bottles come with combination pre-set codes in order to safely secure your medicine from the wrong hands. Simple to use and highly effective, our Locking Pill Bottles will eliminate your missing pills and prevent unauthorized access. In this blog post, we’ll review some more important medication safety tips. Order your Locking Pill Bottles today!




Know where your medical prescription drug bottles are at all times. It’s important to keep track of your prescription pills not only so you know where they are when you need them, but also to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Safe Rx recommends that you keep your medical prescriptions in the same place so you know where they are. This will also allow you to know if they are missing when you go to take one and the bottle is not there. 


Keep track of the number of pills you should have in your pill storage container. While this doesn’t mean count out individual pills, especially if there is 100 pills, every time you take one, you should be able to gauge if some are missing or not. A huge indicator that your medical prescription drugs are missing is if you run out of your prescription ahead of schedule, and you find yourself having to refill your prescription drugs more often than not. If this regularly happens, you have yourself a problem and need to find a solution as soon as possible. With Safe Rx’s Locking Pill Bottles, you can rest assured missing pills won’t be happening any longer in your home.


Control your family’s prescription drugs. If anyone in your family has been prescribed powerful medical prescriptions, you or another adult should monitor them at all times. Implement the same safety tips above of knowing where the prescription drug container is at all times and how many pills should be in there. You’d be amazed at how many kids begin medical prescription drug abuse simply because it was easy for them. 


Lock up your pills. From the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) on down, it is highly encouraged to lock up your medical prescriptions, even if you think your teen or children would never pilfer them. Most likely, your kids and teens have their friends over who could encourage the pilfering of your prescription drugs, or even take them without your child’s knowledge. Locking up your pills gives you the greatest peace of mind when it comes to keeping your medical prescriptions safe. Safe Rx offers Locking Pill Bottles just for this purpose. You can lock up your medical prescriptions safely every time, and being portable, you don’t have to worry about pills in your purse, car, or bag anymore. Locking devices such as safe lock boxes and Locking Pill Bottles are pennies compared to the damage a drug addiction can cause.


Dispose of your medical prescriptions properly. Simply throwing your unused pills in the trash is not an effective way to prevent access. Anyone can grab those medical prescriptions at any time. There are many ways to dispose of prescription medications safely, from taking advantage of safe drug disposal programs in your community to using coffee grounds to mix them up in. You are still responsible for your drugs no matter if you are done with them or not.


Ask the parents of your children’s friends their policies and procedures for medical prescription safety in their homes. If your child visits a friend’s house, you need to know as a parent that they are safe. Keeping them away from prescription drugs falls under the “keeping them safe” category. As uncomfortable as it may be, Safe Rx advises that you should ask the parents of your children’s friends if they lock their prescription medications. It’s an easy question that can prevent your child from a horrible addiction down the road.


Hide your prescription refill forms. Again, teens and children are crafty and with the advent of drive-thru pharmacies and lax pharmacy policies in places, teens may be able to get your powerful prescription drugs refilled.


Remove your personal information from your medical prescription drug bottles before you throw them away. Similarly to our last point, sometimes you can get a prescription refilled with just the empty bottle, especially if you have refills left.



Locking up your medical prescriptions is the best way to prevent unauthorized access to your prescription drugs. Locking Pill Bottles by Safe Rx are safe, affordable, easy, and portable. When you invest in one of our Locking Pill Bottles, it comes with a pre-set combination code. Like most combination locks, you simply line up the code and then pull off the top with no twisting necessary. This is great for seniors who often don’t have the hand dexterity to push and turn bottle caps. Then, you remove your pills from our Locking Pill Bottle, and once finished,  simply put the lid back on and then mix up the code.


If you order our Locking Pill Bottle kits, you can choose your own code to make it easier to remember for easy remembrance purposes. Once purchased, you can register your code with us on our website, where you can then easily retrieve it.


Safe Rx hopes to cut down on the opiate epidemic and the abuse of prescription medications through prevention with our Locking Pill Bottle. You can obtain these either on our website, on Amazon, or in select pharmacies. If you’re a pharmacy interested in offering these to your customers, contact us for more information. Every day we hear from our customers  who rave about how much better they feel when they use our Locking Pill Bottles. 


Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe. ORDER OUR LOCKING PILL BOTTLES, OR LOCKING PILL BOTTLE KIT TODAY!