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Storing Medicines Safely During The Stay-At-Home Order With Safe Rx

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause disruption to normal life all over the world, with many families being ordered to stay at home. At Safe Rx, our mission of protecting families is more urgent than ever – it’s what inspired us to revolutionize medicine safety by introducing our Locking Pill Bottles. In today’s blog, we’d like to discuss safely securing any increased medicine supply, to keep your family safe while you are home.

It’s good to ensure you have extra medicines on hand.

The CDC recommended last week that people who are at higher risk of getting seriously ill from the coronavirus — seniors over the age of 80, immunocompromised people, and people with underlying health conditions — to ensure they have adequate medicine on hand, both routine prescription drugs and standard over-the-counter medications to treat common flu symptoms, since coronavirus can often be managed and treated independently at home, unless symptoms grow severe and breathing becomes more difficult.


If you’re following social isolation protocol, which virtually every public health agency strongly recommends that you should, you’re going to need to stock up on supplies and necessities to ensure you don’t have to leave the house very often. This is particularly important when it comes to medicine! Many insurance companies are waiving limits on 30-day supplies of prescriptions and encouraging people to get 90-day supplies instead.

Secure medicine storage is more important than ever.

As you’re stocking up on your prescriptions and other medications, be sure to consider your additional storage and security needs. Unfortunately, the risks many in our society face related to opioid addiction, drug abuse and medicine pilfering are not suspended during a pandemic. In fact, the risk might even be higher during a pandemic, given that our kids are at home for the foreseeable future, all day every day, while us moms and dads work from home with our attention on our screens and our heads turned. It’s critical then that you have a plan for where and how you’ll store your medications and keep them safe.
No matter your situation, number of prescriptions, or amount of medical supplies, your medicine security plan should include protecting your prescriptions in a Locking Pill Bottle from Safe Rx! Safe Rx Locking Pill Bottles are a medicine bottle with a 4-digit code to protect children, families and communities from the dangers of prescription drugs. By securing medications in our homes, we can prevent intentional access to others’ medications by children and adults, with the potential to lead to drug abuse and addiction.
To assist our Safe Rx families, we offer you a 20% discount on all our products so that you can safely secure any increased medication supply. Order a couple now to keep your advance prescription supplies organized and secure. You can use the promotional code SAFEHOME20 on Amazon or our website www.safe-rx.com to place your order.