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Welcome to Safe Rx!

If you’re a grandparent who has a lot of medical prescription drugs, do you worry when the grandkids come over for a visit? Are you a parent who worries about their teenagers being home alone and getting into your drug cabinet? Are you a pharmacist looking to provide your customers with secure, responsible storage of their prescription pills? Are you a school nurse or administrator who worries about students’ medications? Do you have an incredibly intelligent canine who likes to shift through drawers and cabinets while you’re away? Most of the time, your drawers are open and unlocked


SAFE RX has invented a Locking Pill Bottle to address all of these problems. With the opiate epidemic growing and the number of kids who are trying prescriptions drugs at earlier ages, we had to do something. Developed by a physician with a passion to make our homes, schools, and communities safer, Safe Rx’s Locking Pill Bottles help to do just that. Below, we’ll go over just a little bit about us, our Locking Pill Bottles, and why you should utilize Safe Rx for most of your medical prescription drugs. Visit us online to learn more!


SAFE RX has devised a combination lock that allows you to lock up your medical prescription drug bottle, or to put your prescription drugs in, depending on what size your chooseSome of our Locking Pill Bottles come with a four-digit pre-encoded code for you; others in our kits allow you to set the code yourself. Simply line up your code and pull the cap straight off. There is no need to push and turn with our Locking Pill Bottle caps, making it very user-friendly. Once you’ve removed your pills, you simply put the lid back on with the correct code in place, scramble the combination and lock the bottle. This is very similar to any other combination lock you’ve used in the past. It’s that simple!


Safe Rx began because of the rising opioid epidemic in the United States. Research shows that many middle school kids try prescription drugs, and many gain access from their parents’ medicine cabinets. Addiction of any kind, including opiates, shatters families and ruins lives, and increasingly, the lives of young people. Most addictions start off innocently enough, but because opiates are so addictive so quickly, what began harmlessly can spiral out of control.


It’s hard as parents to stand by and watch your son or daughter struggle with an addiction to dangerous medical prescription drugs. Something had to be done to keep our families safe from what they don’t know. Hence, the idea to create a better security system for pill bottles themselves arose, Locking Pill Bottles were created. We know Locking Pill Bottles won’t stop those determined to take prescription drugs; however, having one more deterrent can prevent a harmless “I’ll try one” in the spur-of-the-moment decision from ever happening, saving one person from this horrible addiction. This is our mission — to save one person at a time.


Safe Rx takes the concept of locking mechanisms and applies this to pill bottles. Our Locking Pill Bottles are designed to lock and stay locked and only open for the person who the medical prescription is for and for no one else through the use of the code.


Safe Rx invites you to try our Locking Pill Bottles for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how simple this idea truly is. Locking Pill Bottles come in two sizes for your convenience, small and large, and you can buy them individually or in packs of four or 10. Our Locking Pill Bottles are designed to go where you travel and thus are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. 


If you are around kids, you work around medical prescriptions, or you just want peace of mind that your pill bottle won’t fall into the wrong hands, then try Safe Rx today. Safe Rx can be found either on our website, Amazon, or in select pharmacies. Visit us, and ORDER YOURS TODAY!