Now available at Walmart & Target stores nationwide and online.

The small Locking Pill Bottle is 1.5” wide x 4.5” tall.

Approximately 140 small, round pills, or 45 larger, oblong tablets.

The large Locking Pill Bottle is 2.5” wide x 5.5” tall.

Approximately 400 small, round pills, or 160 larger, oblong tablets.

When you receive your Locking Pill Bottle, please register your 4-digit code here and remove the info on the website. You can then log in to access your code in case you lose or forget it. It’s also a good idea to keep your instruction booklet with the 4-digit code somewhere private for future reference.

If you purchased an individual Locking Pill Bottle at your pharmacy or on Amazon, then the 4-digit code is a pre-set fixed combination and cannot be changed. However, if you purchase one of the Locking Pill Bottle kits through Amazon, you can encode your bottles to your preferred 4-digit code. IMPORTANT NOTE: You should only encode your bottle once. While it is possible to set an additional combination on a previously encoded bottle, this does not remove the previous combination and thus reduces the bottle’s security as both combinations can be used to unlock the bottle.

We suggest you purchase the large Locking Pill Bottle, so you can keep your medicine in its original packaging by simply placing your bottle inside the large Locking Pill Bottle. That way you can re-use your Locking Pill Bottle for multiple prescriptions, rather than buying and labeling a new locking pill bottle with each prescription.

The Locking Pill Bottles are not see-through; however, the outline of objects within the bottle can still be seen. It is not possible to read the imprints/ dosage of the pills inside.

The product is designed to be opened only when the 4-digit code is aligned on the cap. If the cap is removed without proper alignment through use of force, the tabs on the bottle will be visibly deformed and the locking mechanism will no longer work effectively. It will be clearly evident that the product was tampered with when the bottle is opened without the proper combination.

The pre-set locking pill bottles do not require encoding, for your convenience. It is not possible to change this code. The kits come with an encoder and instructions so that you can set your own personalized 4-digit code.

To open, hold the Locking Pill Bottle in your left hand and the locking cap in your right hand. Align each digit of your 4-digit code with the arrow at the top of the cap. Your 4-digit code will read left to right. For example, if your 4-digit code is 1234, 1 will be on the left (bottle side) and 4 will be on the right (cap side). Once your 4-digit code is aligned, pull the cap straight up off the top of the bottle without any twisting motion. To close, make sure that your 4-digit code is aligned with the arrow at the top of the cap before placing the cap back onto the bottle. Once the cap is placed back on the bottle, twist the rings to scramble the combination and LOCK the bottle. Verify the cap is secured by attempting to remove it.

Do not store medications that might be needed in an emergency (heart medicines, antihistamines/allergy medicines, anti-seizure medicines) in Locking Pill Bottles.

Select a 4-digit code that you can easily remember so you don’t have to write it down. If you do choose to write down your 4-digit code, please store it in a secret, secure location that can only be accessed by you. You can also register your 4-digit code on our website. When opening and closing your Locking Pill Bottles, please make sure that teens and young adults are not watching.

If you have additional questions regarding Safe Rx® Locking Pill Bottles, please contact us at 1-833-288-SAFE or send an email to [email protected]