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2022-2023 Ohio Dispensing Pilot with Incremental Dispensing Fees for C2 Fills.

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Watch Camille Schrier, current Miss America and Doctor of Pharmacy student, as she explains why she advocates for the Ohio Locking Vial Pilot Program.

Pilot Participation Opportunity & Benefits

The coalition is developing a multisite pilot with pharmacies that dispense Schedule II drugs, in which pharmacies will be paid additional dispensing fees by the state for filling Schedule II prescriptions in locking vials, using CARES funds. Stakeholders and participating dispensing pharmacies experience several material benefits including:

  • Immediate profit opportunity – targeting up to 50% profit margin per fill
  • Validation of reimbursement for a new revenue & profit stream in the long term
  • A pro-active response to a well – documented 2nd order effect of the COVID pandemic
  • Prevention of diversion, and in particular teen initiation, in Ohio communities
  • Improvement of patient safety, awareness, clinical outcomes and quality of care