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Amazing invention. Now I don’t have to worry about coworkers, roommates, or random people trying to take pills from my back at work or school. Protip: take a picture of the code and don’t ever forget it.

William M.

It works as it is described. Excellent when you are traveling or keep it away from your children. I recommend it a 100%


This is an amazing little tool! I never knew such a thing existed, but after years of having medications ‘disappear’ this little gem has been a lifesaver!

Dane M

Great locking pill bottle… seems very safe from prying hands!! Do believe that someone would have to break to remove pills!! Seems like such an easy design…. but works exactly as needed.


I like that the plastic is thick and dark so you can’t see through the bottle.


These give me confidence that my Rx are safe. Setting my person combination was very easy.

I am so relieved to have these locking bottles when I am not home since I can feel safe when traveling. I like that I can set my own combination since I have some memory issues. I called the company to ask a question and the person that took my call was very helpful.
When you set your combination, you then place it on the encoder and push down. That breaks off the little grey bumps which allow the bottle to be opened and closed only when the correct combination is set. I just ordered a set of 4 large size that I can drop a bottle in, label and all. So soon I will have 6 two small and four large.

Nancy & Greg

These were very easy to set the code on and work wonderful! Very happy to have found these!


Amazing little product!
The little thing is amazing! I had noticed my medication was going missing, but with this locking bottle I know it’s safe! It’s big enough to hold a full prescription (or more!) But not too bulky. And it’s strong enough for anyone to break into. Definitely a smart buy!


There is a Pill Bandit in my family, after 3 incidents, I opted for this solution. I have had it exactly one month. All of my Adderall is present and accounted for… locks keep people honest!


I was somewhat skeptical because a few reviews mentioned the cheap plastic that this bottle is made out of. I was expecting it to be thin, and flimsy. When I opened it, I was very happy with the quality, as it is made from very thick material- I believe it is 3d printed. If you are around people who will steal an entire pill bottle from you, then this may not work for you. But if you want to keep someone from taking a few out for themselves, this is perfect! No one would be able to get into it without it being obvious. It is large enough to hold a 3 month script, and it does the job it is intended to do. Another unexpected benefit from this is that I always remember if I took my medicine or not. In the past, I have taken my medicine in autopilot mode, and can’t remember if I actually took it. Having the extra step to open the bottle has completely eliminated this issue.

Jennifer T

I purchased one of your lockable bottles. It’s great. I have ADHD and so do both of my kids. We take Adderall XR and Concerta which are both schedule 2 controlled drugs to manage our ADHD. I wish my pharmacy would dispense our medications in lockable prescription bottles.


This product was just what I was looking for. I have pain medication that I needed to protect from a teenager who had been stealing them from my pill bottle while I slept. I couldn’t prove he was stealing but was sure they were missing. I found this bottle and it has solved my problem. He can no longer open my bottle and take pills. The only way this would not work would be if he took a hammer to the container and smashed it, but then, I would know who did it and why. If you need to protect your medication from unauthorized use or theft, this is just what you need. I like that you can either get a randomly selected combination, or select your own at the time of order. Very cool product and good quality. I am recommending this to my family members who are in an assisted living center where the employees are not always the most honest.


I’m buying more of these!! I bought it to keep my kids away from my meds and it works!!


We use this to keep our toddlers safe in the event they get into my wife’s purse. It is easy to use. We couldn’t be happier with it.


I truly like this. I have started taking prescription pain medication and with having a family, I’m able to keep it in here and not worry about anyone getting hurt or addicted. It’s a great peace of mind.


I love this bottle because it’s dark on the outside so you can’t see the contents inside. I take Adderall and the pill’s colors are very distinct. I bought this because my doctor recommended that I protect the medication from being stolen by other students.


I’m a college student and I really needed something portable/lightweight for my medication that had to be locked up but also left in my dorm but also dragged around at times in my bag and this product exceeded my expectations. Setting it up was easier than I expected and I haven’t had any issues with it. Definitely recommend!!


I love this safety item in my home and small enough to fit in my purse. I take both Percocet and Hydrocodone along with blood thinners and aspirin. I watch my 2 yr old grandson whose into inspecting everything for 65 hrs a week. This helps me reassure myself and the kids the baby can’t get into it in a 30 second time frame. Best investment outside the doc prescribing Narcan just to have on hand for any emergency purpose. Will be buying more to separate meds and for family members who also need something small like this to keep some small things from small hands reach but will buy direct to customize the lock combination.


I have both sizes and love both. The smaller fits in my purse and I don’t have to worry about anyone getting into my medicine. I have grandkids and all kinds of teens in and out of my house.


I’ve had several surgeries in the last few years and the only prescription that I don’t want to throw out AND don’t want to end up in anyone else’s hands… my pain meds. This special encasing allows me to have the best of both worlds. Only wish this would be automatically done from the pharmacy so I didn’t have to take pics of labels. P.S. …also handy for edibles to keep away from kids of all ages AND easy to transport!!


Safe RX is a perfect way to help keep medications locked. I personally do not take any daily medication, but with small curious children in my home, I have a better peace of mind knowing all medications (Advil, Tylenol) are locked up and out of harm’s way. As an RN, I highly recommend this product and wish each medication came in a Safe Rx Locking Pill Bottle. It is easy to use, affordable and they even send you labels.

R. Scott

Great to have for those sensitive meds that we need to keep away from sticky fingers around the house.