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Kits allow you to set your own four-digit code. Available in 2 sizes. Price includes postage and packaging.



Product Description

Safe Rx has developed a Locking Pill Bottle to secure prescriptions and over the counter medications in your home and on the go. Designed for safety, affordability, and portability, our Locking Pill Bottles prevent toddlers, adolescents, teens and visitors from accidental or improper access to potentially harmful medications.

About the Product

  • Contains an encoder to set your own 4-digit code
  • Prevents pill theft
  • Certified child-resistant and tamper-evident
  • Easy for Seniors to use
  • Great for travel, work, or college housing
  • Small bottle: 4.5″ tall x 1.25″ diameter (holds approx. 140 small pills); Large bottle: 5.4″ tall x 2″ diameter (holds approx. 300 small pills)
  • Large Locking Pill Bottle may fit a standard pharmacy bottle (depending on shape and size)

IMPORTANT NOTE: While it is possible to set an additional code on the cap, this does not remove the previous combination and thus reduces the bottle’s security as both codes can be used to unlock the bottle. CAUTION: The Encoder includes a sharp blade and should be handled and used with caution. The blade is protected by an exterior guide and is not exposed unless the Encoder is tampered with or broken. Do not disassemble or tamper with the Encoder or there is a risk of being cut by the blade. Keep the Encoder out of the reach of children.

Using Your Safe Rx Bottle


Additional information

Bottle Size

Small, Large

Kit Size

2-packs, 4-packs, 10-packs


4 Blue, 2 Amber & 2 Blue, 1 Amber & 1 Blue, 10 Blue