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Safe Rx Locking Pill Bottle

Safe Rx Locking Pill Bottle

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About Safe Rx Locking Pill Bottle

Safe Rx Locking Pill Bottles secure medications in your home and on the go. Designed for safety, affordability, and portability, our patented, 4-digit combination lock gives you peace of mind that your medications are safe. Certified child-resistant and tamper-evident.

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Child Resistant

Key Benefits

Custom or Preset Code
Choose an encoder kit to customize your own 4-digit locking code or a cap with a preset, random 4-digit code..

Large or small pill bottle size
Pill bottles come in two sizes. Small bottles can accommodate approximately 140 small pills. Large bottles can accommodate approximately 400 small pills. Both bottles are small and discrete enough to carry in a handbag.

Tamper evident
The unique design ensures the neck of the bottle and the tabs inside the cap will show clear and evident damage if it has been tampered with.

A Must-Have for Travel
To keep your medications safe while traveling, store them in carry-on luggage, not in a checked bag. Use the Safe Rx locking pill bottle to add an extra level of protection.

Safe Keeping
You never know who will try to tamper with your medicines. Keep everyone out but you. Great for shared living spaces.

100% Certified Child-Resistant
Product tests showed Safe Rx Pill Bottles couldn’t be opened without the code or a tool. These are certified 100% effective at keeping out children and teens.

Easy Use for Anyone: Senior Friendly
Safe Rx Bottles don’t require hand strength to open making them easy to use and senior citizen friendly. Please note, it is not recommended that SafeRx Bottles be used to store emergency medicines.

Peace of Mind
Our customer reviews strongly support that people experience greater peace of mind after using the SafeRX Pill Bottles...a gift that keeps giving peace, safety, and protection to you and your loved ones.

Customer Reviews

Excellent bottle

Super durable and works really well. Bought for my 69 year old father and he has no trouble using it. Will definitely purchase more for his other major medicine. Keeps the toddler away from his medicine.

Alyssa L.

Verified Purchase

Great product.

I truly like this. I have have started taking prescription pain medication and with having a family, I’m able to keep it in here and not worry about anyone getting hurt or addicted. It’s a great peace of mind.

Kimberly R

Verified Purchase

Works for its purpose

I got this “Mini-Safe” pill bottle to keep one of my children out of medication that I don’t want him in. The container could be broken if he really wanted in it. Other than that, the bottle is hard to use. The notches on the bottle gets stuck easily. The bottle works for traveling and keeps my child out of it but could be improved upon.

S. Parks

Verified Purchase

Safe and Secure Highly Recommended

These lock bottles are a must if you have children in the home or if you need to secure your medication . I have purchased these a few times and am very happy with my purchase. It’s very easy to open with the unique 4 digit combination. Each bottle has Its own unique number. You are not able to select your own 4 digit code, it comes with the code already programed. The pharmacy prescription bottles do not fit inside the lock bottle, you must empty the bottle into this container. I most definitely recommend these bottles for safety and security.

Christina G.

Verified Purchase

Very easy to use for safety

I bought these 2 safe bottles for locking up my heart meds. My young grandchildren visit often and I can rest assured that they can’t become suddenly curious about what’s in the bottle. Thank you for the piece of mind.


Verified Purchase

Great idea for college students

It may not be for everyone, like elderly. But great idea for college students. My daughter is away in college, use medication and has a roommate.

Yania J. (Facebook)

Verified Purchase

Great Product!

Wow! This product is great. I work as a nurse and I deal with sending many patients home with all kinds of prescription medications. I feel safer knowing their is a product out there that can be used to prevent these medications from getting into the wrong hands such as children. I have been looking for a product like this that is simple, affordable, and easy to use. Safe Rx meets all of my expectations. Excellent.


Verified Purchase

My Adderall

There is a Pill Bandit in my family, after 3 incidents, I opted for this solution. I have had it exactly one month. All of my Adderall is present and accounted for.....🤷🏻‍♀️ locks keep People honest!

Courtney H.

Verified Purchase

A+++ Seller and product

My doctor recently put me on Adderall for my ADD and I’m going on vacation, I was concerned that my medication would not be secure since Adderall is a medication people like to steal and abuse, these are great secure bottles and I feel more confident that my medication will be more secure, they also sent me one bottle free!!!!

Nancy P.

Verified Purchase

Amazon Customer

this is a lifesaver. if you need to travel or hold meds in your purse and don’t want kids or anyone for that matter getting into it.

Amazon Customer

Verified Purchase

Safe and easy to use!

I’m a college student and I really needed something portable / lightweight for my medication that had to be locked up but also left in my dorm but also dragged around at times in my bag and this product exceeded my expectations. Setting it up was easier than I expected and I haven’t had any issues with it. Definitely recommend!!


Verified Purchase

ADHD medications are safe

I bought one of these for storing my sons medication for his ADHD. Some of his pills had gone missing and I wanted to make sure they were safe and it wouldn't happen again. I have his prescription bottle from the pharmacy stored inside it. Since then, they have not been touched, which is such a relief!

London Girl

Verified Purchase


small locking pill bottle Locking Pill Bottle Blue and Amber small locking pill bottle set your own encoder
1 Bottle (Preset Code) 2 Bottles (Same Preset Codes) Multipack (Customized Codes)
Bottle Size Small / Large Small / Large / 1 Small & 1 Large Small / Large
Number of Bottles 1 2 2,4,10
PreSet Code
Customized Codes
Encoder Included
100% Child Resistant
Senior Friendly
Tamper Evident

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic product!!

Thank you for your review! The Safe Rx Team

Love it!!!

5 star's 😁

Thank you for your review. We are so pleased you love your Locking Pill Bottle! The Safe Rx Team

Love it!

Love it!

I love the bottles great

I love the bottles great idea


Piece of mind for meds